Block printed wallhangings and modern tapestries

I’ve always loved color and fabric and as I was learning how to sew, I used the shortcut of tearing fabric to size. Not only was it faster but I loved the fringed edge that emerged.

At the same time I started creating printed patterns using vintage wood blocks-first on paper then on the fabric. I quickly learned that I enjoyed working with paint more than a sewing machine.

Over time my process has evolved to become more organic in nature and I now spend my days creating tapestries and wallhangings using a process of layering paint onto fabric and tearing that fabric into varying sizes of squares and strips. These fabric pieces are then arranged and rearranged, colors added or replaced, until a workable form or sense of balance begins to emerge.

The pieces in the final arrangement are then nestled together with the edges of each neighboring piece and adhered to a fabric backing. The combined frayed edges give the finished work a sculptural texture while the patterns created by the repeated applications of paint provide an overall sense of depth and complexity.

Most recently I’ve continued my painting method and sensibility with smaller works on paper.

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